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Our goal is to make real estate agents and their clients more successful. We help your buyers get a lower monthly payment and your sellers more money faster by leveraging the assumable mortgage asset in place.


We have great tips and techniques to help you sell more homes.

Mortgage Loan Assumption Steps For Agents

Step 1

Identify sellers or buyers who may benefit from a mortgage loan assumption. Sellers with FHA, VA, or USDA guaranteed home loans often older than mid-2022 are likely ideal.


Buyers who need a mortgage to purchase an owner-occupied home can all benefit from lower payments.

Step 2

Watch our video below to learn about the process and tips for locating clients and marketing property.


On the seller side, we discuss tips for how to market the seller’s low rate mortgage asset in your MLS and social media.


On the buyer side, we have tips for how to attract potential buyers looking for lower payments available with assumable loans.

Step 3

Once you have a transaction in place that has a seller with an assumable mortgage, and a buyer willing to assume the mortgage, they must both engage Assumption Solutions for us to work on both sides of the file.


All parties must supply the required documents necessary to satisfy the existing mortgage servicer qualification process and obtain approval for the loan assumption.

Step 4

Once the loan assumption is approved by the existing loan holder, it’s time to schedule closing.


The buyer assistance fee totals $750 and the seller assistance fee totals $750 as well. 

Only the first $50 is collected from both parties at engagement.


The balance is collected only if the assumption is approved. This keeps it low cost and low risk.

Marketing Tips and Materials

Download our marketing tips and materials.

The Assumption Process Video Class

Below is a 50 minute training class covering the process for agents, buyers, and sellers.

Finding and Listing Assumable properties in the MLS

This is a quick example of how to find assumable homes on the market and list assumable homes in your MLS system. Each system is regional and you may have a different interface and not everything can be applied in this video to your situation or system. This is an example from the Pikes Peak MLS in Colorado Springs.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Downloads

Listing presentation flyer (pdf)

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