Mortgage Loan Assumptions for Home Sellers

Our goal is to help home sellers get top dollar for their home by completing a successful mortgage loan assumption with a qualified buyer.

Mortgage Loan Assumption Steps For Sellers

Step 1

On your own, or with our help, determine if you have an assumable loan. FHA, VA, & USDA guaranteed loans are most commonly issued with a qualified assumption clause.

Step 2

Determine if it would make sense for a buyer to assume the loan. Most mortgages created prior to 2022 carry a much lower interest rate than is currently available. This makes the loan valuable and worth assuming.

Step 3

Find a buyer interested in assuming your mortgage. We can assist you or your real estate agent with marketing tips and materials about mortgage assumption. An assumable mortgage may make your home sell faster in a slowing market and for more money.

Step 4

The seller and buyer will both engage Assumption Solutions to process your file for approval by the existing lender. A seller assistance fee of $750 will be collected. The first $50 is paid at engagement and remaining $700 paid at approval.

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