VA Assumable Mortgages for Sellers and Buyers

Navigating the complexities of VA assumable mortgages? We’re here to help.

What’s a VA Assumable Mortgage?

A VA assumable mortgage is a type of home loan that allows a buyer to take over the seller’s existing VA loan, often with lower interest rates and reduced closing costs. VA loans are approved for qualifying veterans, current military members, and surviving spouses. But the new borrower doesn’t have to be a veteran to assume the loan — they just have to be financially qualified.

Want to learn more about the process, whether you’re a buyer, seller, or real estate agent? The experts at Assumption Solutions are here to guide you through every step of the process.

How We Help Buyers

As a home buyer, navigating the VA assumable mortgage process can be daunting. But while it’s complex, that doesn’t mean taking advantage of lower interest rates is impossible.


At Assumption Solutions, we make reducing your closing costs and getting the best deal on your new home a reality. Assumption Solutions can help buyers understand eligibility requirements, file the necessary documentation, and process the new VA mortgage loan assumption on your new home.


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How We Help Sellers

Selling a home with a VA assumable mortgage involves its own set of challenges. Assumption Solutions is here to help you get the best sale price on your home by completing a successful VA mortgage loan assumption with a qualified buyer.


Ensure a seamless transition for both you and the buyer with the help of our expert team. We’ll assist you with determining if you have an assumable VA loan, help you determine if it makes sense for your buyer to assume the loan, and even assist you or your real estate agent with marketing tips and materials about mortgage assumption.


Let us handle the loan process while you focus on your next chapter. Start your loan assumption file today.

Our Process

At Assumption Solutions, our process is designed to simplify the VA assumable mortgage experience for everyone involved. From the initial consultation to finalizing the paperwork, we leverage our expertise and resources to keep you informed at every stage.


VA loan assumptions can be complex. Working with us makes it simple. Ready to start the process? Call us at 719-527-3380 to get started on your consultation.

Why Choose Assumption Solutions

When you choose us, you choose peace of mind. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results to sellers, buyers, and real estate agents just like you.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’re here to streamline the loan assumption process for you. Got questions? Contact us today to get started on your VA assumable mortgage loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the VA assumable mortgage process work?
The VA assumable process involves the transfer of an existing VA loan from the seller to the buyer. Assumption Solutions facilitates the transfer, making sure everyone involved complies with VA requirements and properly executes the paperwork.
For qualified buyers, VA assumable mortgages can offer lower interest rates, reduced closing costs, and a more streamlined approval process. Sellers may also benefit by attracting more potential buyers due to more favorable terms. A faster sale? Yes, please.
The timeline for completing a VA assumable mortgage transaction can vary depending on factors such as lender processing times and VA approval. With Assumption Solutions guiding the process, we strive to expedite the timeline while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Start Your VA Mortgage Assumption Today

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